At Hamilton Construction Management Corp, we are closely affiliated with our parent company, The Hamilton Company, being one of the largest residential developers and property managers in the City of Boston. Many of our construction and renovation projects are performed in-house and in service to the Owner. We have a uniquely intimate knowledge of what is required from the developer’s perspective along with future property management needs and can offer this advantage to potential clients.

During the preconstruction phase, we offer services such as project planning and design coordination. We work closely with architects, engineers, and clients, to develop a comprehensive plan that aligns with the project goals and requirements. This includes feasibility studies, site evaluation, conceptual design, and budgeting. In our experience, as the design of the project progresses, the more costly it may become to implement changes therefore within the preconstruction phase of the work, we encourage the owner to consider as many major decisions as possible to help mitigate future costs. Preconstruction services may also include assistance in obtaining necessary permits and approvals, conducting thorough risk assessments, and developing contingency plans to anticipate and address potential challenges. 

Hamilton Construction Management Corp excels in overseeing the entire construction process. We handle procurement and subcontractor management, ensuring that qualified and reliable contractors are hired for different trades. We closely monitor the progress of the project, manage scheduling and timeline control, and ensure adherence to quality standards and safety regulations. Effective communication among all stakeholders is a vital part of our role, as we facilitate coordination and collaboration among architects, engineers, contractors, and clients. We also oversee budget management, cost control, and resource allocation, optimizing efficiency and minimizing delays. 

Our firm excels in managing both new construction projects and renovation endeavors. For new construction, we oversee the entire process from the ground up, ensuring that all aspects, including site preparation, foundation, structural work, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) installations, and finishing touches, are executed with efficiency and attention to detail. For renovations, we work closely with the owner to understand their vision and requirements, develop renovation plans, and manage all construction activities to transform existing spaces. With experience in the Historic Tax Credit process, we can assist owners in obtaining credits from state and federal commissions for historically appropriate renovations to designated structures. For both new construction projects and renovation work, our expertise in coordinating different trades ensures smooth progress and excellent craftsmanship, resulting in successful project completion. 

Our comprehensive range of services includes a design-build approach which combines architectural, construction and construction management functions into one cohesive entity. This integrated approach streamlines the construction process and ensures better coordination between the design and construction teams.  

Design Services: Our in-house architectural staff work collaboratively to create a unified design solution. We provide architectural design, interior design, and coordination of all structural engineering, MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) engineering, and other specialized design services. These services can include schematic design, design development, technical proficiency in code compliance and building regulations, construction documentation and administration. Overall, our design-build approach provides an end-to-end solution, seamlessly integrating design and construction expertise to deliver projects efficiently, reduce risks, and meet clients’ goals and expectations. 

Hamilton Construction Management Corp is well-versed in sustainable construction practices incorporating eco-friendly solutions into our projects. An emphasis is placed on energy efficiency, waste reduction, and the use of environmentally friendly materials and technologies. We endeavor to stay updated with the latest sustainability standards and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. We also offer expertise in green building certifications, such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and can guide our clients in achieving sustainable certifications for their projects. By prioritizing sustainability, we hope to contribute to creating more environmentally conscious and resilient buildings.